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Volume 4 features new work by:

Rita Mae Reese

Bonnie Jo Campbell

Ginny MacDonald

Guy Thorvaldsen

Kimberly Suhr

Cynthia Hawkinson McEahern

Emi Morita

Helen Klebesadel

Margaret Jankowski

Ruth Ann Molyneaux

Travis Anderson

Courtney Lochner

Dennis Day

Fredric Meek

Julie Tallard Johnson

Lindsey Griffin

Mary Casey Diana

Melissa Olson-Petrie

Agate Nesaule

Gary Jones

Jacob Boyd

Jan Bosman

Lolita Ditzler

Michelle Shappell Harris

Susanne Markgren

Tricia Friesen Reed

Victoria Clayton

Audrie Bretl Roelf

Candace Armstrong

Erika Mueller

Jan Bosman

Jerome Buhman

Jon Ballard

Judith Zukerman

Richard King Perkins II

Sara Burr

Shoshauna Shy

Corey Hoppenrath

Yvette Viets Flaten

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