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Volume 8 features new work by:

Eduardo Halfon

Pardeep Toor

Nick Rattner

Arturo Alvarez

Bridget Apfeld

Laura Bandy

Marryam Barrie

Robert Hedin

Anemonie Beaulier

Bethany Armstrong Brietland

Nathaniel Cairney

Annie Christain

Melinda Clemmons

Colin Criss

Naomi Ernest

SG Fromm

Margaret Galey

Irwin Goldman

Rick Graves

Bradley Greenburg

Gwen Hart

CB Adams

Corey Hoppenrath

Debra Hutchison

Mary Ann Inman

Kenneth Jakubas

Carrie Jerrell

Kelsey Kerin

Meara Levezow

Dave Malone

Len Messineo

Robert Miltner

Amie Adams Mortenson

Samuel Piccone

Kat Rosaen

William Rudolph

Bonnie Larson Staiger

Karen Steiner

Alberto Sveum

Erika Veurink

Beth Ann Workmaster

Alice Blue

Vicki Reed

Jody Boyer

Stephan Shambert

Zac Hall

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